HBD Brady

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Happy 8th Birthday Brady

EIGHT years old today!! Happy Birthday Brady!

You have the most contagious laugh in the whole entire world, it’s so loud and silly. Your favorite colors are blue and green. Your current obsession is Harry Potter. You like to play jokes on me. You love being tickled. You love carne asada breakfast burritos. Your favorite bands are Imagine Dragons and Twenty-One Pilots. You are so kind-hearted. You are such a goof ball.

I love how you pack your own snacks every morning before school. Love how you try to let me sleep in on the weekends. Love how you think you can get away with wearing shorts when it’s raining outside. Love how your extremely loud sneezes scare the daylight out of everyone. Love that you are willing to eat sushi with me. Love that you call Fleming’s, Flamingo (I will probably never correct you because I think it’s sooo cute!) Love that you always eat your veggies. Love your sense of humor. Love how much you care about your friends and family. Love that you sing in the car with me. Love that you are growing up to be a strong young man.

So proud of how hard you work in school. Proud that you read chapter books. Proud that you took on my athletic abilities. Proud of your love for basketball. Proud of how smart you are. Proud of your many achievements. You are everything a son should be and you make me a proud mommy. Continue to always shine!! I love you Bray Bray!

Love You Always,


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